Welcome on the NFTPs web page

Welcome to the new web site of the National Food Technology Platforms, an agro-industrial network born in 2007 with Food For Life ETP and based on the national institutions engaged on research, development, and innovation on food, promoted by the national federations of the Food and Drink Industry.

The Food and Drink Industry is the first Industry in Europe with more than 1,1 trillion euro turnover, 300 thousands companies mainly SMEs, and 4 millions employees. Conviviality, pleasure, tradition, taste and culture, are still the main drivers of the demand together with a very strong supplied technological evolution on sustainability, recipes and nutritional values, processing, safety and quality. Public private partnership of our Platforms is helping the dissemination of the new knowledge and the technology transfer to our smes and national companies.

Daniele Dr. Rossi      András Dr. Sebők